Corporate finance

Merges & Acquisitions
WALLENBERG offers a full range of professional services throughout the entire M&A process including (1) compilation and publishing of information packages & transaction documentation, (2) transaction structuring & valuation (3) data room management, (4) transaction negotiation & closing (5) post M&A integration.

Structured Finance
WALLENBERG participates in complex transactions centered around private equity & debt investments in the region of Euro 5-100 million including Leveraged & Management Buy - Outs and Buy - Ins; LBO/LBI & MBI/MBO.

Business Improvements
Business Improvements focus our unique expertise on enhancing a client's long-term standing in the market while increasing shareholder's and debt holders' value in a given investment. Our professionals often act as interim officers with a full time commitment to our clients.

Corporate & Brand Valuation
WALLENBERG offers its clients an independent quantitative opinion on a company's fair market value involving (1) analysis of transaction comparative data; (2) estimate on companies' and brands' expected future cash flows; (3) computation of the company's value range combining standard internationally accepted DCF and Multiple comparative valuation techniques with in-depth modeling of company and brand values, and thus strategy valuation within a contemplated transaction.