Management consulting

Performance Improvement
WALLENBERG understands a company must attain high performance to increase shareholder's value. Alongside a winning strategy, continuous improvement of operational performance is crucial to a company's stable growth. We have found that most organizations offer many opportunities for performance improvement. Our hands-on experience from previous consulting assignments allows Wallenberg consultants to uncover and unlock hidden performance potential, helping clients to achieve continuous performance growth. The performance improvement methodologies and management techniques we use include:

  • Business process redesign
  • Activity-based costing
  • Cost reduction
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Performance management system (i.e. Balanced scorecard)
  • Results oriented people management
  • Change management
  • Coaching mixed teams (managers, consultants and representatives of customers)
  • Assistance in preparing to negotiations /communications with employees, business partners or customers
  • Structured personnel downsizing

Strategy Development
WALLENBERG offers its unique approach to assist clients with the strategic aspects of their business. We align corporate strategy with market dynamics through careful strategic options planning and a detailed strategy implementation process.
Our consultants have assisted renowned clients in developing an overall corporate mid-term strategy as well as formulating a brand strategy mainly in telecommunication, FMCG, aerospace; facility management, and software industries; and we've also helped a multinational healthcare producer to develop a new innovation strategy.

Post Acquisition Integration
WALLENBERG professionals know that to restructure and integrate acquired companies is often the crucial factor influencing success of any acquisition. In post acquisition restructuring, we use our experience from strategy and operational consulting projects to assist companies in successful navigation through the transition period. Key areas of focus in restructuring engagements include:

  • Cash-flow and liquidity management
  • Capital expenditure requirements assessment
  • Capital and debt structure assessment
  • Analysis of assets for potential sale
  • Cost center reorganization
  • Analysis of cost reduction potential
  • HR impact assessment
  • Profitability analysis of products and services
  • Assessment/Development of corporate strategic plan
  • Setup of necessary management reporting